Ellen Bjerkehag

Ellen Bjerkehag is a network specialist with 10 years of experience within sales and marketing both in startups and established companies. Known for her unique way of creating partnerships and collaborations, her passion for people and her true brilliance to make other people shine.

She is the CEO and founder of CC-Group, Pioneer and Director of Global Woman Club i Stockholm and Business partner in the Swedish heath company Zinzino.

She has been interviewed in several magazines and podcasts for the work she have done supporting women globally. On stage she speaks about 'The power of network' since this is one of the biggest keys to her success. She has experience of both speaking and moderating events across europe but her true talent is interviewing speakers and panels on stage.

As one of the pioneers of Global Woman Club, a global network for women in business, she has created priceless experience of building relationships with people all over the world. Through her role as the Marketing Director of Global Woman Magazine, she collected great experience of communication, negotiation, sales and marketing globally. From being business partner with the Scandinavian Direct Sales company Zinzino she has developed high knowledge of working with systems that supports global company growth.

CC-Group 'Connected Companies' is her way of creating a company that follows her passion for people and her brilliance to make other people shine. She wants more people to use their brilliance to something bigger than themselves that's why she loves partnerships and thrive in the role of helping other brands and people to grow.



PODCAST - sellsation


CEO and founder of CC-Group

Marketing Director of Global Woman Magazine

Director of Global Woman Club in Stockholm

Business partner in Swedish heath company Zinzino.


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